Our Approach

Teachers play important roles in the lives of the students they encounter. They impact what and how students learn every day in the classroom, and their encouragement and nurturing helps students do their best and reach goals. But their influence goes beyond what we see in the day-to-day interactions within the school walls. Effective teachers have the opportunity to contribute beyond the scope of the classroom and school day.

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Meet the Team

All members of STUDY PLANET

director of SP Pic2

Chandan Kapoor

Founder & Director

(Physics Expert)

Founder & Director of STUDY PLANET as Physics and Organic Chemistry  faculty have sharp teaching experience of 6 years for IIT – JEE (Mains & Advanced), NEET, AIIMS, KVPY, OLYMPIAD and XI-XIIth. The person with great personality is the best educator and motivator.

He has the artistic ideology to solve  the problem of Physics in easy way and make the students as brilliant.

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Vikash Kumar


(Mathematics Expert)

As Mathematics faculty have experience of 5 years, with great concept of mathematics. The person with dynamic personality have great ideas of solving mathematics problems more than two methods and easy ways to explain the concept according to IIT – JEE  (Mains & Advanced)/NEET/AIIMS, 11th & 12th separately.

director of SP Pic3

Kundan Kapoor


(Chemistry Expert)

As Chemistry faculty have teaching experience of 5 years, especially with physical & Inorganic chemistry. The person with dynamic personality and well interaction with the students and have easy way to explain the concept of chemistry according to IIT – JEE  (Mains & Advanced)/NEET/AIIMS, 11th & 12th separately.

director of SP Pic5

S. K. Jha

Biology Faculty

As biology faculty have teaching experience of 20 years, especially with XI – XII CBSE & CGBSE students. The person with brilliant track records and dynamic personality is the most experienced faculty of our team. He has the teaching experience of 20 years with concept of Biology. His proper guidance is responsible for selection of students in NEET & Merit of CBSE & CGBSE. Now working with MEMHS Balod as Biology lecturer.